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The Hollow by Enerin The Hollow :iconenerin:Enerin 2 11
House Call
    The house was described in terse, jagged text, half of it consisting of similes and metaphors. They insisted on comparing the spirits to something else. Vicious animals, forces of nature, demons of hell.
    Knowing this, I approached the porch carefully, holding nothing in my hands.
    "Spirit, can you hear me?" I announced, standing a handful of feet away from the front door. A low rumble echoed through the house, and I vaguely considered retreating. The full moon was out, looming over the house like its guardian angel. This was when spirits were most powerful. But the same went for me.
    I held onto my ward with one hand, and tried the door with the other, standing slightly to the side, in case the spirit tried to bludgeon me. Instead, the handle would hardly turn. But it wasn't locked, because I had the key. It just didn't want me in. That was fine, I had other ways in.
:iconenerin:Enerin 2 7
Lights Across Chinatown
    The Chinese restaurant isn't the best. But it also isn't the worst, which means it won my patronage. Decent prices, friendly staff, good food. The perfectly unremarkable restaurant.
    I finish my meal and get a fortune cookie with the receipt. Forever curious about the worthless scraps of paper, I crack it open and look at my fortune.
    This one is equally vague, but far more interesting than usual. "Search for a light to combat the darkness," it says.
    I stare at it for a moment, trying to twist the words around so it fits my goals. I start grasping at an interpretation, but then the fortune decides otherwise, the letters themselves rearranging across the paper. An address, somewhere, but I'm too stunned to realize that until they start switching back.
    Fumbling my phone, I hastily jot down whatever scraps I can remember on my phone, the motion
:iconenerin:Enerin 4 6
    I let the cold water run down my scales, the shock refreshing me. I dry myself and prepare for the night.
    A lot has changed since I became a dragon. Spaces are smaller, but the world is larger. I spend less time inside, the majority of that time planted behind a computer -- keyboard reinforced, so that I don't destroy it as quickly -- contributing articles, written works that keep me financially afloat. They're all formalities, little rituals I had to complete in order to maintain my freedom.
    They are how I keep the world large and beautiful.
    My days consist of flying, mostly, often for days on end. The wind and cold are my friends and protectors. A gust would warn me to veer my flight from a developing storm and the cold would keep me alert and ready for any hazards that I'd encounter.
    The wind is also my guide. A dramatic one, o
:iconenerin:Enerin 4 12
The Searching Place
    The forest towered above him, conspicuously void of his group.
    No, no, this couldn't be right, could it? He still couldn't find them, and he was damn sure they never came across trees this big. Close, but, like, Jesus, he couldn't even tell if it was possible for trees to get this big without steroids or something. But they did, blindly ignoring the limitations of biology. Hardly any light filtered through the redwoods, illuminating thin hints of fog. The rest was dirt and tree.
    He held a flashlight in one hand and a compass in the other. The compass wasn't much more than a comfort - it was only useful if he actually knew where he was. Its only use now was to make sure he was lost in the right direction. He grumbled when he dropped it, then grumbled some more when he saw that he'd been lost in the wrong direction anyway. North was some ways to his right, even though
:iconenerin:Enerin 3 17
Mature content
Electrical Issues - Part 7 :iconenerin:Enerin 4 9
Electrical Issues, Part 6
You think we’ll find more people like us?
Maybe. Yeah. That would be nice.

The corridor was a furnace compared to outside. My scales immediately dewed over, taking on a shimmering appearance in the corridor’s bright light. The bluish lights blasted the cream-colored walls and carpeted floors in diffuse glow, like a blue sun. I only looked at the carpet to keep my footsteps from making much noise once I was out of Walbash’s sight.
All my attention was focused on moving, weaving between people like they were trees. I earned a few glares from that – it was impossible to avoid all of them. A few gave vocal protest. Eventually someone would tip Walbash off.
That meant the clock was ticking.
I stumbled through the hall and into a larger room. A domed faux-skylight bathed the cavernous room in light, giving the effect of bright daylight. People milled about here, gawking at my raggedly-breathing self in suspicious-but-hopefully-not-aggression. Yet. It wou
:iconenerin:Enerin 3 8
Electrical Issues, Part 5
Somebody nudged my shoulder.
I jumped back suddenly, clutching the edges of the tabletop so tightly that my claws left divots in the glass. I had to relax myself slowly, worried I might break something if I let out all the energy too quickly.
Sorien had taken a step back from me, tense and trying to keep some distance away. I let out a long sigh and let my paws rest on the tabletop.
“Sorry,” I said, a bit sullenly.
“What was that about?” Iris asked, her voice a little strained.
I blinked a few times and shook my head, “Bad dreams.”
“I thought you were meditating,” Connor said.
“Badly.” I corrected, “I let my mind wander too close to home.”
“Isn’t that supposed to be a good thing?” Sorien asked, rotating his hand a bit while he searched for words, “Self-discovery and all?”
“Not for me,” I said, “Some things are better left undiscovered. Ever had a recurring nightmare?&
:iconenerin:Enerin 3 7
Mature content
Kaz :iconenerin:Enerin 1 6
Electrical Issues, Part 4
The elevator doors slid open, and Enerin finally got tired of watching me stare at the picture.
"It's the jumper." I said softly, answering his question before he had a chance to ask. He scowled and followed me out into the hallway. It was pale, floored with wood and split by stone inlays that displayed scrolling images. The same images I saw in the elevator.
More scrolled by along the top edges of the walls like stock-market readings, right underneath recessed lights. Cool air blew in from between wooden slats in the walls, and the roof was arched ever-so-slightly with bars of light pulsing gently, leading us forward.
Enerin opened his mouth, closed it, then waved his hand at the mention of the jumper. “What does that mean for us?”
“It means,” I stopped in the hallway, before we reached the point where the hallway split, “That the parallel – or at least someone – knows what that thing does. If this place is as high-dollar as it’s made ou
:iconenerin:Enerin 3 4
A Walk through the Garden in Winter
I'm gonna die in a place that don't know my name.
I'm gonna die in a space that don't hold my shame.

Winter has fallen, broken up in a thousand pieces like glass snowflakes.
Footsteps crinkle and crack, their reflections leaving ghosts in their wake.
The leaves are bare here, trees conceding to life's demands.
I've forgotten what sun looks like, my breath showing like clouds of ash.
What is memory?
Is it the imprint of a foot on unwilling snow,
Or the fine wisps of leaves that still cling to a bare tree?
Perhaps, for me, it is the icy crust that coats the flower, leaving it brittle.
What is forward?
Is it the fall of leaves to be replaced and forgotten?
Might it be the shattering of what once was for what can be,
Like the melting away of my track?
What am I?
Will I be known as the one who last saw the flowers,
Before they shattered and rotted into the dirt?
Am I the gash, cut in footsteps across this pristine, dead place?
Who will I be, after a sad memory of this life has passe
:iconenerin:Enerin 3 7
Electrical Issues, Part 3
I was silent for some time after that. Whatever relationship I had with the group seemed to be lost after the argument. For the first time since I arrived, I truly felt like an outsider. The group looked at me like a liability now.
"Osgood, time to get moving," Enerin said. His expression was angrier, hard. No joke in his voice.
I nodded and stood up from the chair. I’d been sitting in it for a while, brooding. I had nothing else to do, while everyone else got their gear together, even Enerin. It went without saying that I wasn’t going to have any gear except a single nightstick, which surprised me. I expected to get none.
Connor picked up a folding assault rifle and stashed it underneath his jacket, holstered across his back as well as a small taser. That sat next to his share of nightsticks and tumblers. Rex had taken four nightsticks and two sets of tumblers, as well as a small rifle, slimmer than Connor's. Sorien carried a slim sort of submachine gun that broke up into
:iconenerin:Enerin 2 5
For Lack of a Better Name by Enerin For Lack of a Better Name :iconenerin:Enerin 4 12
Electrical Issues, Part Two
My body was cold when I came to. Considering the fact that I could breathe ice, that was remarkable.
The room I woke up in was, conversely, very unremarkable. At least for this place.
It was shaped like a box, enough space for me to open one wing length-wise. I could stretch my arms across its width. Ads occupied one of the longer sides, providing the main source of illumination by brightening up once I set off a motion detector. A door sat on one end and my bed had been pushed up against the other end, giving me a perfect view of the camera poking out of the corner of the room. Cozy.
Sadly, I couldn't rest. I needed to get out of here... somehow. But I couldn't risk teleporting yet, so I was stuck with some time to plan instead. I guess.
I wouldn't be able to intimidate my way out, just wasn't imposing enough to do that.  Four pale horns jutted out of my head – which was very rounded, so I've been told – along with a pair of longish ears and not much else. I wasn't co
:iconenerin:Enerin 3 10
The Hidden 17 - Do No Evil
My ears popped when I opened the door, warm sticky air blasting my hair back and making me stumble. I almost wanted to gag. But I held my breath for a few seconds, gathered my thoughts, and stood up again. If only because Elizabeth supported me.
The hall in front of us was shot through with red, like blood vessels through an eye. The colors toyed with my attention, drawing it this way and that like a cat batting around its plaything. The wood and plaster was still there, but the entire thing had a new sort of life to it. And I don't mean life in the pretty-music-playing Bambi sort. I mean blood and dirt life, the sort that'll claw out your eyes for practice. Raw energy flooded through the place, pulsating in those reddish veins that slipped through the wood and plaster seamlessly, as if they were always part of the decor. I suddenly felt very out of my league.
"Where... are we?" I asked.
She shook her head, "I don't know. But I know where we need to go."
"Forward?" I aske
:iconenerin:Enerin 1 11
Electrical Issues
I always knew my brother loved the heat. It's a little bit ironic that my element's ice, but you take what you can get. It's really handy when you need to kill him. All of them.
This time I found myself in some sort of city. Big city, so big that the buildings blotted out the sun and replaced it with their own artificial lights. I swore that the entire place was constructed solely out of advertisements and lit tubing. Loud, bright, dirty. The first two were intentional, but the last one was probably impossible to avoid; there were just too many people here. 
Those people roamed all around me. People of all brands and demeanors. Energetic, meek, calm, expressive. Some walking around to the beat of a song, some more to the flow of conversation, and others like they just plain owned the place. Who knew? Maybe they did. That didn't matter to me. What mattered to me was keeping all of these lights from going out permanently. I wouldn't have been sent here if there wasn't a parallel her
:iconenerin:Enerin 9 23


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So, it's been a little over a year since my last journal. Lots of things have changed, but other stuff has stayed the same. Life's moved on, and I'm still working my way through college. In fact, final's week is next week so [muffled sounds of screaming] everything is going alright.

I'm not sure who remembers me, it's interesting to look through my journals and see some familiar faces, see what's changed and what hasn't. Honestly glad to see some of you still hanging around here.

That being said, I'm putting up a new journal because it felt appropriate, since I'm posting a short story for once. However, I can't say I'm going to be active here, I'll still be that ghost you know and, well, know. Feel free to send me a note if you'd like to chat.

The title of this journal is because I learned why I left dA so long ago, and to say that I'm still learning about myself and the world in general. Life is a crazy place, everyone's just finding their way through it.

Until next time, have a good one
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Ok, talking about myself, let's have it.

I like writing. That probably explains why there's a lot of words in my deviations list. I also like getting distracted and otherwise not working on words, so that's why there's not as many words as I would like on my deviations list. You'll also find some things in the third dimension, and occasionally some horrifying conflagrations of pixels drawings as well.

Past that I like being sarcastic. You might have noticed. I also might have pissed you off already because of it. In that case, don't read this story because I had way too much fun being sarcastic in it. Thankfully most of my stories aren't like that. My earlier stuff's a lot more angsty, I think, but my newer stuff's a mix of stuff, hopefully. Optimistically maybe. Some of it's sappy. Not romantic sappy, but more "emotions!" sappy. I fall over myself writing that stuff. Blame my brain.

I are also a college student. Engineering major, so we'll see how that stereotype plays out later. Am I looking forward to it? Of course. My soul yearns to be crushed under reams of paper. But when I'm not busy doing that I'll try not to put off writing a story / put off put off doing 3d stuff. I swear I'll finish that! Anyway, feel free to read my stories or just stare at some random element here, if that suits your fancy. Or look in my favorites. The people there are way better than me.

Contact Me: Here, at, or send me a note for my Steam or Skype username.


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